Mesotherapy Mesotherapy is a non-invasive technique based on superficial microinjections, just below the epidermis, into the target tissues. The term "meso" is derived from the mesoderm or middle layer of the skin (approx. 1 mm deep) Mesotherapy is a treatment that stimulates the mesoderm, which relieves a wide of symptoms and ailments. The solution injected can contain a wide range of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids and co- enzymes that can be tailored to each patient’s individual needs.

Anti-Aging Mesotherapy for face, neck, décolleté and hands
As we age, our skin loses vital nutrients as a result of sun exposure, hormonal changes, poor diet and poor circulation. Mesotherapy technique is used to treat and slow the process of aging. This treatment results in a dynamic skin with improved tonicity, elasticity and appearance resulting in a clear, attractive complexion.

Clinically, older skin is characterized by a yellowish color, flaking and wrinkles. Loss of skin elasticity starts to be more visible in our late twenties as the production of elastic fibers and collagen begins to decrease. Other changes include diminished blood circulation, lower oxygen consumption, and reduction in superficial adipose tissue.

This treatment will improve skin hydration and smoothes the fine wrinkles. The primary action is related to stimulation of cellular and mitochondrial activity by introduction of micro-nutrients, vitamins, oligo-elements, nucleotides, hyaluronic acid and other products. The process also activates intercellular exchanges and improves local metabolism. It also stimulates fibroblasts and in turn increases collagen production.

Hair Loss Mesotherapy
Both men and women suffer from thinning hair and hair loss thus making them seek treatment for hair loss. Most forms of hair loss are caused by: Hormone imbalances (mainly dehydrotestosterone) in and around the hair follicle, a lack of the right nutrients, and reduced blood circulation. Mesotherapy, used in hair treatments, tackles those 3 problems resulting in a stimulation of natural hair growth and immediate stopping of hair loss.

Using a specialized cocktail, your scalp is essentially given a vitamin boost which can improve the blood circulation in this area. Better circulation allows your hair follicles to be better nourished, all of which can improve hair re-growth. Moreover, the mesotherapy solution will neutralize the DHT hormone, causing hair to grow again. Thus, your hair will be thicker and healthier.