Dr. Chirine Richa

Chirine Richa

Dr. Chirine Richa completed her degree of Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy, followed by her degree of Doctor of Pharmacy and graduated with Honors at the Lebanese American University in Lebanon, and then moved to Paris to earn her diploma in Aesthetic Medicine, where she graduated from Le College International de Medecine Esthetique, and completed her training by practicing at several private clinics in Paris.

After her successful practice experience in Paris, Dr. Chirine Richa came back to Lebanon and started building her client base in her homeland, in hope of achieving a successful career and becoming one of the most reputable practitioners in her field.

Dr. Chirine Richa proved to be a unique combination of training, experience, ethics and quality of care to all her patients. Her commitment to the enhancement of individualized natural beauty and her consideration of the needs of her patients helped her in building and maintaining her positive reputation.

Dr. Chirine Richa currently practices at her private Clinic Medi-Shape Clinic located in the heart of Kaslik Street in Lebanon.

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